With winter approaching, it's an opportune time to have your Subaru tire assortment inspected for anything amiss. And should tires be found too worn for continued service, a wide stock of the most popular brands is onsite at McCurley Subaru of Yakima.

It's then the Yakima driver will have the confidence desired for a holiday season filled with traveling.

Tire Servicing – The Basics in Enhancing a Vital Vehicle Component

If it's that one vehicle component to stay atop concerning maintenance, your Subaru tire assortment would surely fit the bill – so to speak. Important it is that any tire setup is robust and healthy for whatever seasonal challenges may come.

As such, the Ellensburg driver may browse below those aspects to our tire-servicing regime conducted by Subaru factory-trained technicians:

  • Tire rotations help to mitigate patterns of wear across your setup.
  • Inspections of treads and sidewalls should always be conducted before any new season outside Sunnyside.
  • Tire pressure should also be monitored frequently.
  • Front-end wheel alignment will correct any veering to either side noticed while driving through Prosser.
  • Tire balancing evenly distributes weight within each tire – an issue noted with shaking while driving.

Tire Replacements Performed While You Wait

If at any time our technicians deem an assortment in need of replacement, many of the most demanded of brands are found in stock. There are also specialized protection plans spanning up to 24-months.

To the Subaru Tire Protection Plan are the following details:

  • Complimentary tire replacement and repairs made.
  • No-cost Subaru tire roadside assistance outside of Wenatchee.
  • Two years of protection over this vital component to safe driving.

McCurley Subaru of Yakima – Tire Servicing, Replacements Near The Dalles, OR

Schedule your tire servicing appointment online, or simply drive up to our Subaru Express Service lane.

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